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Israel belongs where it is

75 years after its declaration of independence, Israel is still widely misunderstood

The origin of modern Israel is usually told as follows: Pogroms since the 19th century, culminating in the Holocaust, prompted Jews to emigrate to Palestine, where they enlisted British aid to revitalize their ancient state while marginalizing the native Arab population, creating a conflict that simmers to this day. From this perspective, the Jewish state is a historical anomaly and a persistent alien to the region, born of events on another continent.

How to defeat ISIS

Should ISIS be eradicated? Sure, this seems like an odd question. ISIS, the so-called “Islamic state,” has done heinous acts of violence, has decapitated hundreds or thousands of men, has burned them alive, grilling them over fire or drowned them in a cave plunging into a sea of acid. Moreover, ISIS practices slavery and has committed a genocide against the Yazidis and killed vast number of people only for being “apostates” oder “infidels.” The complete disregard of human life and human dignity is beyond imagination and at the same time it is part of a media strategy that aims at striking fear into the hearts of ISIS’ enemies, namely the entire rest of the world.

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