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Searching Scientific Literature:


Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog – KVK

Wissenschaftsportal b2i

Scientific portal for research on libraries and publishing, includes a meta search function for synchronous search in different resources.


Arabische Zeitungen im Netz

Picture archives:

Arab Image Foundation

Middle East Photograph Archive an der University of Chicago

MOT Photobase: Libanon

Online dictionaries:

• Arabic-German:

• Arabic-German:
Look up Arabic-German

• Arabic Etymology:
A. E. D. – Arabic Etymological Dictionary

• Arabic-English:
Look up Arabic-English

• Persian-English:
Look up Persian-English

• Turkish-German:
Almanca Türkçe Sözlük

• Turkish-German:
Look up Türkisch-Deutsch

• Greek-English:
Kypros (incl. Ancient Greek)

• Greek–English:

• Greek-English:
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• Multilingual (European languages):

• Greek-Russian, Greek-Arab, Greek-Turkish dictionaries:

• Latin expressions and law:

• Hebrew-English:
Milon מילון עברי-אנגלי-עברי חופשי רבמילים

• Hebrew-English:
Look up Hebrew-English

• Hebrew-Hebrew:
מאגר המונחים

• Hebrew–Arabic:
מילווֹן ערבי-עברי قاموس عربي-عبري

Fonts for Arabic and Arabic Transliteration:

(Nota bene: This list is restricted to fonts which are Unicode savvy. We strongly recommend not to make use of fonts like Times Beyrouth Roman etc.!)

• Gentium. Transliteration fonts for
Macintosh (also Classic), Windows and Linux.

Persian Font. Arabic-Persian Font for Macintosh.

• TITUS Cyberbit Basic. Huge font, for
Macintosh and Windows.

XW Zar: TrueType-Font for Arabic (incl. Persian, Urdu, Dari, Pashto, Uzbek, Kurdish, Turkish). OS must support AAT (thus not working on Windows).


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Netzwerks: Newsletter, Groups, und Forums:

H-Net: Netzwerk zur Fachkommunikation in den Geisteswissenschaften an der University of Michigan (Englisch)

H-Soz-u-Kult: Kommunikation und Fachinformation für die Geschichtswissenschaften


Departments and Instituts:

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