To be honest, I wasn’t interested in women’s football until now, and in men’s football only as far as the major sporting events are concerned, such as the World Cup and European Championship. Far too often I’ve seen games that were of mediocre quality and the winner went 1-0 after a penalty. The last time I saw a football match live – namely in Munich – was a long time ago.

So why should women’s football be more exciting? Yet, after the UEFA Women’s European Championship in England we know that’s the way it is. There was much more fighting spirit there, many more goals were scored – the English defeated the Norwegians, who were considered strong, with a sensational 8-0 – and the whole thing wasn’t even a brute banging around, but technically at a high level.

I didn’t know a single player at the beginning of the European Championship, now I know at least a dozen from the German squad and a few from other teams. The finale was the highlight. It may be that the hand penalty that was not given was a wrong decision and the German team with Alexandra Popp at the top would have had a different result – in the end the Lionesses played great and rightly won, congratulations!

Well, that had to be said!