Many of the pictures I took in the Middle East are mostly on slide film, but hopefully one day they will find their way onto this website in digitized form. I’ve been to Syria several times, most recently from August to November 2010, four months before the demonstrations against the Syrian government that led to the civil war started.

The country is spectacular and breathtaking, full of contrasts with many cultural facets. Some of what can be seen in the pictures no longer exists in this form. Aleppo’s citadel was badly damaged and the bazaar destroyed, as well as many other things. Yet all this destruction pales in comparison to human suffering.

In Syria itself I have met wonderful people, some of whom I will be eternally grateful for their help on the ground, be it finding an apartment, dealing with Syrian authorities, making contacts or otherwise. I will never forget the great time in this country, the good company, the conversations, the atmosphere, the food.

I can’t imagine ever going back to Syria, as much as I would like to. Even if the country finds back to peace and stability one day, reconstruction will take decades. It is highly unlikely that prosperity will materialize in the near future. That’s all we’re left with are the memories. I show a selection of my pictures below. It is updated at irregular intervals.

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