I have been saying this for many years: secularism, or rather the idea of a predominantly secularist state, i.e. a state separate from organized religion, is not simply a Western idea that has no traction in societies in the rest of the world. A notable article in Aeon argues on behalf of Iranian secularism and why proponents of postcolonialist theory fundamentally misunderstand it:

Persian Women, Miner Kilbourne Kellogg“/ CC0 1.0

“It seems that the argument against Iranian secularism based upon the tired narrative of ‘anti-imperialism’ is weak, and embodies many of the same problems that genuine imperialism is (rightly) accused of, namely: ignoring Indigenous voices; oversimplifying and essentialising the Other; and the denial of fundamental civil liberties.

My prediction: The current Islamic regime will fall, albeit later rather than sooner, and we will see a democratic, secular Iran.